The sun. A mixed blessing for your skin.

Sun products are your skin’s best friends.

Summer is coming. Like every year, we begin to discover and enjoy mild days outdoors, until our much desired holidays arrived: whether you go to the seaside or to the mountains, we all attempt to store as much sunlight as we can, to keep our batteries charged for the cold seasons.

Summer is the season when we manage to accumulate energy, also through sun rays. The sun affects our mood and stimulates the production of vitamin D, which, by making it possible for our bodies to absorb calcium, strengthens our bones. In addition, sunbathing makes our skin look healthier, an aspect that for some people is an aesthetic obsession.

How to get a perfect tan? First of all, you need to know your skin’s phototype. Each of us has a particular predisposition to photoexposure, that is, how long we can be exposed to the sun. These factors are: eye colour, skin colour, and hair colour. To keep the sun from becoming an enemy of your skin, creating early skin ageing or even sunburns, you must adapt the duration of your exposure to the sun and the type of protection you use according to these variables. There are 6 phototypes:

  • Phototype 1: very fair skin, freckles, blue eyes, red hair
  • Phototype 2: fair skin, green or blue eyes, blond hair
  • Phototype 3: fair skin, brown hair and eyes
  • Phototype 4: olive skin, dark, Mediterranean eyes and hair
  • Phototype 5: olive skin, dark, South-American eyes and hair
  • Phototype 6: dark skin, black, African eyes and hair

Phototypes 1 and 2 require maximum protection at all times. Phototypes 3 and 4 require high protection that can be gradually reduced after the first days of exposure. Phototypes 5 and 6 require low protection.

Once you have identified your phototype, which sunscreen should you choose? Picking a sunscreen is not always easy: there are countless types in the market, but very few of them contain active principles. Active principles are the substances that turn sunscreens into well-being skin care treatment. A component that all sunscreens must have is vitamin E: the presence of this vitamin allows the skin to defend itself against sun aggressions and prevents skin ageing caused by sun exposure. It also promotes deep hydration, and has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Monoï from Tahiti is another ally of our skin, protecting it from external aggressions. Used by Polynesian women for countless years, it has nourishing, regenerating and refreshing properties. This helps sunscreens penetrate better and increases their resistance. By keeping your skin moisturised during sunbathing, it makes it more receptive and strong.

With its high amounts of vitamin complexes, micro nutrients and monounsaturated fats, jojoba oil is a very important natural oil for anyone with very sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin. Its particular consistency, similar to our sebum, helps it penetrate deeply in our skin, preventing wrinkles and restoring lost elasticity, in particular in mature skins.

How to remedy a sunburn? How to make my tan last longer? How to restore skin balance after sunbathing?

Three questions that have one answer in common: after-sun creams. After-sun products are allies for our skin after sunbathing. They have multiple uses, especially when intensified by high-quality active principles. To restore your skin’s natural hydrolipid balance and for a refreshing effect, for relief thanks to its soothing properties, the solution is Aloe vera. When combined with argan oil, its anti-ageing effect is visible immediately.

A few tips for the perfect tan.

Simply applying sunscreen is not enough: for a healthy tan, pick a sunscreen rich with active principles and with the proper protection factor for your skin. Spread it all over your body and more abundantly on sensitive areas half an hour before exposure, and repeat the application throughout the day and right after swimming. If you are not a fan of creams, try sprays you can apply directly on your body without having to touch the product with your hands.

Finally, never forget your after-sun cream, for a perfectly tanned and healthy skin.

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