Your solar beauty treatment

Love your skin... even during the holidays

Unique vacations and moments kissed by the sun in absolute safety, with the line of sun products by Deeva101. To pamper your skin, treat it well and keep it young and healthy. Always. Knowing your skin phototype is important in order to behave correctly during exposure to UVA and UVB rays.

SKIN PHOTOTYPES: Phototype 1: blond or red-haired, with very fair skin. Phototype 2: blond or brown-haired, with fair skin. Phototype 3: dark blond, with sensitive skin. Phototype 4: brown-haired, with moderately sensitive skin. Phototype 5: dark-haired, olive skin. Phototype 6: very dark hair, brown skin.

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Deeva101 advice

The sun. A mixed blessing for your skin.

Sun products are your skin's best friends.

Summer is coming. Like every year, we begin to discover and enjoy mild days outdoors, until our much desired holidays arrived: whether you go to the seaside or to the mountains, we all attempt to store as much sunlight as we can, to keep our batteries charged for the cold seasons.

The 101 Cosmetics secret

The formula for natural beauty and healthy skin. Our professional beauty products combine the very best that science and nature have to offer. The result was 101 Cosmetics: an entirely new healthy skin experience.