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Body treatment containing green coffee and many active principles that work in synergy with the main cabin treatments of 101 Cosmetics. Essential fatty acids, sterols and green coffee vitamins make this product a powerful anti-oxidant that can fight the free radical responsible for cell ageing and promote fat elimination to reduce the orange peel aspect. They also help improve collagen and elastin production, protecting your skin against hydration and tone loss.

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Green coffee and guaraná: together we win!

Vital by nature

Looking elsewhere is a waste of time: nature always has an answer to our needs. We can intensify its effects by creating proper synergies in our laboratories. This is the case of guaraná and green coffee.

The 101 Cosmetics secret

The formula for natural beauty and healthy skin. Our professional beauty products combine the very best that science and nature have to offer. The result was 101 Cosmetics: an entirely new healthy skin experience.