A Diva is born

Skincare Professionals

We were tired of marketing, of numbers, of aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake. For a long time, we had been wishing to leave behind us the coldness and distance of great brands to create something ours, to return to our origins with a new awareness. Here is our idea: t o create a brand that encompassed all our passions, experiences and knowledge, to bring us closer not to the “market”, but to beauty professionals, to women, to the concept of timeless beauty, because it is close to the essence. Backed by plenty of experience and with a pinch of f olly, just like Venus was born out of the sea foam, so was our 101 Cosmetic. A new concept of skincare. A journey to the past, where beauty had a timeless value, and a jump into the future, where science and technological progress surprise us every day. A trip where the main character is you. Always.

A Deeva is born. True beauty is discovering one’s own being. Experience, nature and science are our allies

When we were thinking about our project, we thought about women: each woman carries a hidden div a, a great beauty; the essence of being a woman is a work of art. A journey back in time t o discover the classical world and the supreme ideal of beauty. John Keats once said: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”. And this is how our mission – to reawaken one’s essence of the self to bring back to light one’s true beauty – gave rise to the name of our project: 101 Cosmetic.

Our laboratories develop formulas rich with active principles, which is why we included “101”. Our creations are born out of the study of 100 ingredients, but the fundamental factor that makes our formula successful, the only ingredient that cannot be replaced, the one that makes all the difference, is YOU. Because our products, our formulations, our protocols, all share a single purpose: to add value to those who use them, guarantee their well being, stimulate their vitality. 101 Cosmetic products are the means t o tell your own story, to find yourself again, to love yourself more every day.


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The 101 Cosmetics secret

The formula for natural beauty and healthy skin. Our professional beauty products combine the very best that science and nature have to offer. The result was 101 Cosmetics: an entirely new healthy skin experience.